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I love Quotes!

Especially beautiful, inspiring picture quotes.

I love the Power of Words, and how reading just a few seemingly simple words, arranged in the perfect way, can touch a person deep to their soul.


A quote can uplift, inspire, teach

and even change someone's entire perspective on life.


Here are some quotes that have opened my mind to the incredible powers of words. 

Don't Rush God's Timing
Be a Leader
Let Go. Let God.
Evolve Yourself
Music Heals
Strong Souls
Thankful Struggles
Inner Voice
Words Have Power
Souls Sound
I can
False Concepts
Can't Understand
Never be Scared
Power of Words
Scream, Cry, Don't Give up!
Master Soft & Strong
Flowers of Hell
Silence My Demons
Growing Love
Do Your Thing!
Self Healing Soul
Strong Woman
Beware of False Prophets
How Old are You?
Things Change
Know Not What We May Be
Imagine Peace
Some People
Suffering Brings you Closer to God
Problem Thinking
A Kind Heart
Love Made Me
Know Your Self Worth
You are Worthy.
Silence. In Time with Existence.
I am in Competition with No One
See the Love in Everyone
Byron Katie
Universe is Working for You
Eckhart Tolle
A good Traveler
Still Mind
Master Yourself
Nothing is Lacking
Kiss the Earth
Journey of love
Life Begins. Fear Ends.
Remember who you are
God is Love
Rain Grows Flowers.
New Beginnings
Unnecessary Worry
We can Choose What we Think
Ancient Lovers
God has no Religion
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