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~ Talia ~

Wifey. Lover. Mommy. Believer. Dreamer. Realist. Leader. Follower. Traveler. Wonderer. Wisdom Seeker. Knowledge Sharer. Helper. Giver.  Teacher. Student. Spiritual (not Religious). Risk Taker. Difference Maker. Food Eater. Chemical Hater. Webinar Addict. Bibliomaniac. Infopreneur. Information Hoarder. Answer Inquirer. "Fact" Finder. Nature's Daughter. Love's Slave. 

Love  is the only answer. 

Life is so simple, we make it so hard. 

Just Love and be Loved

Spread the Love, and feel the Love

And to those who are rejecting the Love, 

Or cant seem to find it, 

It is through me, 

Through us, 

And through our journey of Love

That we must show Love to all those who cant find it, 

For he promises that those who seek him, 

Will find him, 

And what is God

But Love?

~ Talia Leaphart

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