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Uncaptured Visions

It's been a few weeks since my camera stopped working,

And I find myself wanting to take more and more pictures.

The rain pours down today amongst the giant jungle trees,

The sound of the water rhythmically singing as it touches every surface,

The leaves dancing in harmony;

Rejoicing for the living water streaming among them.

I then realize the emanating beauty of this place

Could never be captured by the blink of a camera lens.

A picture mimicking this elaborate garden would be more insult then honor,

More of a smirk then a smile,

This Eden was never meant to be copied,

The work of the lord could never be rudimentarily plagiarized

By the mere approach of a human

Attempting to capture the essence of this place through a single sense,

Like so many others try to do.

Only feel, think, and believe through their own two lenses.

Vision externally is our novice copycat version

Of what our internal sight is constantly screaming at us,

Yet we deceive ourselves living through our eyes,

Convincing our self this three dimensional world is all there is,

Yet eternally hoping for the heaven on Earth

We were all promised.

October 10, 2015

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