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Addiction's Blessings

All my life I've been told that addiction is bad.

A curse. A hindering. A sin.

But cant you be addicted to a good thing?

Cant a holy addiction be the epidimy of Jesus?

Isn't a holy unadulterated addiction to YHWH the reason we are all here?

Our divine purpose. Our only destiny.

Indeed many addictions are horrible, sinful, and more often then not, just pure evil.

But aren't addictions, regardless of the form they take, all just another search for a deeper need? A thirst that cant be quenched?

A hunger that hasn't been filled?

An empty heart looking for love?

Addiction, my friends, is the drive for God that HE instilled in us.

He gave us this seeking, this wanting, this needing FOR HIM.

We, the broken humans that we are, misunderstood addiction's purpose.

WE have turned addiction into it's current evil form.

This demolition of this beautiful urge YHWH gave us has been destroyed by our confused, ignorant, lost pleasure seeking species.

This powerful desire was manipulated by darkness so long ago that its now unrecognizable, completely demolished, so how do we fix this?

How do we show society an addiction they should want?

An addiction that isn't shameful, but is unashamed?

How do we reform these blurred views that have manifested into beliefs?

We lead by example.

We show others how "high" we can get off God,

off Love, off a holy addiction.

We share our "drug."

We medicate those who are sick with addictions,

and save them with our one TRUE addiction.

We were called to live a life that heals others.

To be "doctorines" of our faith.

Well look around!

We have patients everywhere!

They aren't just in hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices!

No! They are in our homes, our neighborhoods,

our children's schools, our jobs and even in our churches!

So why are we just standing around

watching others slowly poison themselves with forbidden fruits,

when we have the healing herbs within us to save the world?

It's time we step out of our own society induced comas

and start waking up our brothers and sisters.

Taking everyone by the hand and showing them the truth,

so we can be together in the promised land.


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