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Overcome The World

The dam broke again,

The water floods my whole world.

My life is what most aim for,

The best of what this life has to offer;

But why?

Why is it so hard to make it out on top?

The systems cycles repeating itself over and over,

We were once part of the system,

Tagging along like this was the peak,

Till one day we learned that we are nothing but weak.

Overcome The World

We are broke but not broken,

Sick but only by poison,

Eating the death like it’s our best bet.

I’m like a little child just ready to break,

I want to scream and shout and let it all out,

But instead I sit and drown while thrown in the waves without a sound.

My mind is so strong, so why is it so weak?

No matter how hard I try, I'm just losing week after week.

I look like a coward aiming for more than the meek.

My voice is so loud, yet my words seem so weak.

The more I shout, the less I speak.

I shelter my pain, I thought it was hidden so deep,

Until nights like tonight, I'm exposed to the heat.

We stumble, we trip, we lose grip from our feet

But I refuse to fall and not rise without a fight.

The world thinks I'm weak, nothing more than defeat,

But what they don't know is YHWH loves the meek.

I pretend that I'm strong, but its all just an act,

I fake like I'm tough to silence the voice

Yelling inside me “YOU CANT DO THAT!”

No matter the battles I've won in this life,

No matter the love, light or strife.

I know I'm not strong, I don't have to be,

‘Cuz I know that my father put his strength in me.

My tears are the rain from my fears within,

They used to make me feel just like a kid.

Now I know my tears only flow

So that I can experience more deep from within.

It’s easier to give in, then to fight,

But not on this day, I cant let them win,

Our God is good, caring and right,

That just a glimpse of him is more than enough light

To keep my head above the waves

And let the world fade

As my tears erase the fears bestowed on me.

My doubt, my trust, my love and my lust

All are just battles to leave in the dust,

For YHWH is the reason for being,

If only my seeing was every ones vision,

How great is his love, its bigger than oceans.

But our blindness and fear leave us tangled in lies.

As if the truth would be our demise.

I'm a slave to this place,

I thought I was winning the race,

But the tears on my face

Are the biggest trace

Of how this world can come and deface

The beauty besought when God made this place.

I hear his voice so loud and clear,

Yet only speak of his plan that I hold dear,

Where is my faith? My belief and my trust?

As if I don't know he will spare us defeat,

If only we walked with his light at our feet.

We were devoured, eaten alive,

By the same stupid system in which we started this life.

We have a way out, yet we dwell in our pain,

Because our comforts stop us,

Fearing the shame,

What if we go, and nothing has changed?

Then all was for nothing, so why not remain?

We push off his path and guidance

To stay mundane,

But he promises more,

If we can quit the game.

System Shut Down.

May 14th, 2015

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