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Mother Earth's Womb

Belize Cave

Today we went cave exploring. Walking through the jungle is always an adventure, but today it seems even more exciting. We are walking to find a cave to enter and explore!

I imagine a small doorway hiding on the side of a mountain. I imagine we enter in to a series of walkways with a big room or two....

My reality is so much better than my imagination would have allowed! We see these giant rocks carefully hand placed to create a mountainous heap, hiding a secret city. We have to crawl through a space to enter the dwelling, it opens up to an immaculate place, one I have never seen before.

Belize Bats in Cave

There were bats sleeping in groups, which flocked us when we shined our lights. We slowly walked through every room, making sure not to miss anything. Some rooms were immaculate auditorium like places, where the walls were lined with throne like seats, steps up the sides of the walls, pottery pieces shattered and broken lying about all over. One room we climbed a slit of a walkway up to the next rooms entrance, slipping and sliding and rock climbing to get to the crawl space. We had to leap over a giant hole, which Bimbo(a puppy) ended up getting scared by.

We had to swim/crawl through a waist deep water space to enter another area, this room was the most beautiful of them all. It reminded me of an underground scene in Harry Potter. There were mini pools of crystal clear water, crafted over thousands of years by the cave and water itself. The pools were shallow, surrounded by rock crystallized from water in these elaborate ripple patterns. Mother nature herself creates beauty beyond our own ability or comprehension. Some rooms have rock formations to climb, others have perfect domes of slippery crystallized rocks that are too slick to walk upon.

As I touch my surroundings I absorb their energy. I feel the power and wisdom this cave beholds. I feel like a child admiring a teacher. The rocks and cave and bats and ruins all expanding my knowledge and perspective of our world once again.

I realize I am in the Earth. I am surrounded, not by just a cave, or rocks, but I am within the land, the earth, the mountains. To be a part of the world in which I usually walk upon, but now I walk within is a feeling I can't explain. I want to feel and caress my beautiful mother. To absorb all her knowledge and merge this underground temple with all the over ground sanctuaries.

I want to continue on, to go deeper within her womb, but the pressure of her body surrounding me, and the less oxygen in my lungs has me wanting to turn back. We retrace our steps and make it back out to mother’s outer beauty, instantly wanting to reenter the mountain.

Now addicted to another place, another taste of wisdom, found not in money, or power, but in another natural God given gift, seemingly put here just for us. A sight and beauty that could never be duplicated or replaced, but certainly revisited.

November 24th, 2015

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