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Chess Master

Brainwashed by the system, never knowing whats right.

Always taught by the schools to give in and not fight.

Pledging allegiance to a flag, as if it is sane,

Never knowing that to them your life is just a game.

Swearing on your heart and reciting evil vows,

Thinking that they care for you as much as you for them.

Our lives are just the pawns the master of chess condemns,

Scouting out young boys and showing them big checks.

As if the money matters if their service ends in death.

Teachers are the bishops, the politicians are the knights,

All playing risk with our lives,

Thinking that will help them win the fight tonight.

Never knowing how replaceable their ignorant selves are,

Just helping evil win the war.

Millions of slaves with one master,

Blindly following the crowd.

Tricked into thinking they have freedom, never knowing its a myth.

No wonder we are taught the good guy never wins,

Its just a way to convince us all to keep committing sins.

Condemned by society each time we take a stand,

Shunned by humanity and thrown in sinking sand.

Reverse psychology at its finest, making us think its right,

To allow countless people to give up their eternal life.

Afraid to speak our thoughts, fearing a great loss

If we teach others to question the lessons leading us to rot.

America isn't the greatest,

Its the most evil of them all.

A new world leading earths humanity to their greatest fall.

Approving of idolatry, fornication and lust,

Saying its okay to sell your soul if it results in lots.

Shiny things and diamond rings will with this world fade,

But righteous acts and godly pacts are our only saving grace.

A fallen world can never rise, only the good within.

Its through our hearts his mercy gives us heaven in the end.

Standing up for the truth is the only way our souls don't lose,

The game of life and trickery designed to make us fools.

February 28th, 2016

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