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Sinking Sand

On Christ, the solid ock i stand; all other ground is sinking sand

It's Christmas eve, but all that seems to be.

Everyone sleeps while I silently weep,

Wondering what it is that my tears reap.

Sleepless nights, stupid fights, yet all in sync I realize

These battle cries are human ties to angelic eyes watching over me.

The more blessings I feel with curses revealed,

Yet something torments me.

It hurts to breathe or try to seize the tightness I feel in me.

Physical wounds, suffocation ensues till waves of haze wash over me.

Fearing reality, welcoming psychology,

Anything to comfort me

Invisible tears, unresolved fears,

What is it paralyzing me?

Sinking sand, so incredibly grand,

Devouring whats left of me

I hold out my hand,

Reaching for solid land,

But it crumbles beneath my relentless grab

Giving me nothing to hold.

I chuck the rock that once was my land, giving into the treacherous sand. ‘

Once terrified, afraid to let go,

Now welcoming the embrace of the desolate chase that ended so many years ago.

Once a rocky foundation fossilized within two souls,

Now set free to emerge one immaculate love.

Freed from the pain,

The slavery and shame,

Yet still tortured between the rise and the fall,

Always uncertain if the truth was your call.

December 24th, 2014

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