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Oppressed Strength

Ever since the day I decided to chase my dream,

it's as if the world has turned on me.

To live somewhere else is unheard of in this place,

to give up this life is not a popular race.

No one knows what i have sacrificed

in order to attain this dream life.

I sold a house and lost another,

my family was homeless for nearly a year.

I pawned my wedding bands that i held so dear,

had two cars repossessed, and still i cannot seem to rest.

This climb has been an Everest feat,

with no time or space to ever retreat.

I’ve been shunned, laughed at and shut down,

everyone thinks we are a bunch of clowns.

Why is everyone so against change in this world?

As of we are bound to the place we are born.

I cant continue to be suffocated and kicked,

just because i don't listen to everyone's lips.

Every success I've accomplished so far in this life

was met with doubts, potential regrets and strife.

Had i succumb to the fears people bestowed on me,

I’d still be a little girl suppressed in a corner wishing everyday I'd fought against them harder.

The oppression instead just makes me stronger and stronger.

The more they try to hold me back

the farther I run and I don't ever look back.

November 2nd, 2015

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