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Insignificant Strife

Surrounded by people, yet somehow alone

No one has any idea what is inside my dome.

Infinite questions, eternal answers.

I pray for the connections, but I cant seem to hear

Even though I know understanding is near.

I open my bible, asking for wisdom

So my humorous creator often gives me riddles.

I try to decode the mazes of words,

Not always understanding what they behold.

I read about Esther, David and Job,

All leading me through their lives which resulted in holy zones.

My deceased teachers still spreading their wisdom

Showing me how their actions resulted in changed worlds.

It didn't seem to matter if they were boys or girls.

Long journeys through fear, but they didn't shed a tear

Knowing their safety was never far.

YHWH protects those with blind faith,

Trust and belief leads to eternal life.

So whatever strife they had in their lives

Was so insignificant compared to God’s light,

that they refuse to sway in their short human life.

God always protects his righteous children,

Knowing they will lead others to his promised salvation.

All the hard times they underwent

Were tests of their faith to build up their strength.

Constantly tested and pushed by Satan,

But God leads us all out of temptation.

Every test we undergo are God’s way of showing us its time to grow.

Through every hard time we should never feel weak,

Because its through these valleys we find our mountains to climb.

Each peak reaching higher then the last,

Erasing our worries leaving them far in the past.

February 27, 2016

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