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Dream Portals

Dreams filled with darkness and spirits posing as kids,

Trying to confuse me, deep from within.

Faked smiles of trickery trying to consume all the good,

For no other reason then to flood the world with bad.

Evil people pretending to befriend, but wickedness cant be hidden for long.

The darkness emerges like a silent bomb.

Waking abruptly throughout the night,

Feeling the linger of evils sight,

Praying for protection to make it through the night,

Family shared nightmares, each with a piece to the puzzle

Knowing our dreams come together like answers to riddles.

Consecutive nights filled with freights,

But God’s way of shining us light.

Symbolic fears to make us aware of demonic plaques coming near.

Sleepy warnings for real life battles,

Awaking to see window portals.

Dark eyes gazing trying to trick,

But I see through their souls the bottomless dark pit.

Hatred filled grins trying to win over our trust,

But our wisdom within prevents these “friends” from filling us with lust.

Continuous games attempting to change the eternal light we emit from our lives,

Not able to change the name that we praise no matter the storms they place over us.

The dark clouds hover close to our heads, but are unable to defile our lives or fill us with dread.

We’ve been tested and injured and brought close to death,

But not one of these toils has swayed us.

Rejoicing in YHWH with each test with Ace,

Knowing Satan wont win our race.

Prepared for disaster, but cheering for grace,

Praying to our king with smiles on our face.

Fire and serpents trying to claim our lives,

Always resulting in their own demise.

Evil laughter echoing behind our screams

Soon turn to defeat when we yell out to our king.

Physical pain designed to destroy our souls,

To get us to denounce our ultimate goals.

Our father shows us mercy and speaks through our hearts,

Letting us know he will absorb every hurt.

Quickly forgetting our bleeding wounds,

Knowing again we were just saved from our tombs.

Forever praising the creator of life,

Knowing our duty is to shine his light.

February 28th, 2016

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