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Tranquil Waters

Aqua Blue Belizean Water Pool

Yesterday was a truly memorable one. Starting out roughly with yelling and bad energies. Lots of fighting and trouble lingering in the early morning air, but not to be fooled by the animosity.

Another test of patience was tempting us to fall, but the jungle has a way of changing every day.

Bruja arrived after a night of hunting with a young male lion. An early death,but not to be mourned, it would end up providing us with lots of food. I walked to the tranquil water falls, the most

peaceful of them all. The kids and I admired the beauty of such a God given place. Listening to the birds singing and the bugs humming, the water gently gliding over perfectly formed aqua blue

falls, man himself could never create such a magnificent scene. The flooring a soft bluish gray

felt; seemingly rock, but not to be fooled, the bottom is an accumulation of hundreds of years of

work at mother natures hands. The tree roots morphing into the serene pools I lay and bask in.

The perfect depths, the uncanny forms, so exquisite it takes my breath away over and over again. This is the type of place that never loses its awe- striking abilities. Not an ounce of beauty to be

taken for granted. I lay back to wash my hair and am again taken aback by the canopy of green

beauty shielding us from the harsh rays of sun, letting in just the glimmers needed to make Eden sparkle. The sound of water so tranquil I get lost in time, feeling a weightlessness take over me;

only brought back to awareness by the innocent laughter of my kids. An unparalleled joy I'm so

grateful to share with them.

Belizean Mountain Lion

We return to the farm to see the young cub skinned, and witness my husband chopping off his

fierce head. Seemingly sad, but joyful for us to be given a gift that will overfill us. Who would have thought we would be chowing down on the king of the jungle tonight? The lion was delicious, so

savory I'm salivating as I recall the tender meat, only the jungle could provide such a treat. Later we strolled through the trees on the starlit night, watching the nightlife under the moonlight. We saw a rat scurry into his nest, then saw the orange glowing eyes on an ocelot watching us. We

strolled up through Mr. Javier's land, imagining what we could do with our hands. A canopy

opened up above us, like curtains retreating to give us a star show. I saw a fireball falling from the sky, described as a meteor like I've never before seen in my life. The bright orange tail leaving a

streak through the stars, headed to Earth sure to leave the land some scars.

Belize Sugar Cane

We found our way to a natural treat, chopped some cane and tore it up with our teeth. We headed back on the trail to return to the farm, but our journey isn’t over yet we still have more to see. We see a black possum hanging out above us, its bright eyes watching us pass below, its long

hooked tail so elegantly flowing. We again passed the ocelots hunting zone, seeing its eyes

dodge through the trees, seemingly still watching me. We return to the house, but not yet ready

to lay down, so we search for food for Jericho (the tarantula) we didn't find food, only a lot of

spiders, so we decided to stargaze and search for some answers, don't know the questions yet, but sure to learn something. The universe speaking through infinite novas, shooting and falling

and eternalizing. A view past time, through space and beyond imagination, only the creator

himself could expand such inspiration. A beauty beyond human consumption, leaving me full yet somehow still hungry, never fulfilled but never left empty. The universe creates a mindful journey creating an overflowing void, endlessly full yet somehow always empty.

December 16th, 2015

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