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Miserable Comfort

I watch as they walk content in this place

as if life hasn't been sucked out of them with every step they take.

Miserable comfort, depressing contentment.

They call this life, but all i see is resentment.

The light is lost, the love unfound.

Every ones giving up like its their last round,

After getting knocked out and kicked to the ground.

The darkness echos an endless sound of defeat,

Encrypted in lust, lies and deceit.

The beautiful song of poison we sing,

Is another road block on our way to the king.

We couldn't silence the hurt, the pain or the lies,

So instead we dilute our treacherous cries.

We drink, we fuck, we stay up all night,

All just regressing into the evil we once tried to fight.

We thought we were strong, we thought we could fly,

But then we fell and heard the laughter behind;

As if we were just puppets amusing the town of all those i once pitied,

Now realizing we too are bound,

To this horrible place love was once found.

We try to stand up, shout out to the master,

But nothing comes out

Paralyzed by the chatter.

Our voices have become static,

No matter how loud, no matter how quiet,

Our words are unheard and seem over-dramatic.

If only they knew what was hid in our closet,

Then maybe the world wouldn't be so toxic.

I'm tired of hiding,

Muffled by others.

Sitting in silence,

Suffocating in quiet.

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.

Paralyzed by the pressure I've become a mute,

Knowing my words will bring so much refute

Has me gasping for air instead of speaking my mind,

All the while knowing my words can save countless lives.

I regain my composure and swallow my fear.

Realizing a change has to be near,

I spoke in a whisper to anyone who could hear.

My whisper got louder till i started to shout,

Someone had to save them,

So they too could get out!

March 15th, 2015

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