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Jungle Hospitality

Wide awake and all alone,

Sitting in darkness outside someone else’s home.

So many blessings day after day,

But today was harder than yesterday.

I can’t close my eyes, or try to sleep,

Too much on my mind, so I silently weep.

Writing by candlelight, reflecting on my soul,

So much I’ve learned, yet so much more still to grow.

Invisible monsters feed on my skin trying to eat me from the outside in.

Open wounds speckle my body,

Leaving me itching and scratching at nothing.

I tear through my skin and blood pours out.

I hope that these scars will one day fade out.

I try to hold back, but the urge is too strong;

Hopefully these pests won’t stay for long.

I’m filled with this restlessness, so severe it’s as if I have never slept before.

I want to go to sleep, but for some reason I can’t,

This boredom is leaving me with too much time to rant.

Some comforts of home are starting to be missed,

But the freedoms we have here means much more than all that.

Jungle hospitality may have a few bugs,

But at least the weed man brought us some nugs.

We know what we are eating each time food enters our mouth,

No poison is fed here, imagine that!

Fresh water to drink and splash on our face,

Without the worry of leaving a chemical trace.

November 26th, 2015

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